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What role can drones play in the field of fire protection?

UAVs are a hot topic in recent years, and the scope of use of drones is not limited to aerial photography. It can be used in disaster relief, resource exploration, environmental monitoring, natural disaster monitoring and evaluation, forest fire pest protection and monitoring. To the drone. In the meantime, the forest fire prevention mission is still to be improved. The limitations of the traditional on-site detection techniques have become increasingly prominent, and forest fire prevention consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Once a fire occurs, the damage caused by forest fires to the entire ecological environment is difficult to estimate. How to use technology to prevent fire from being unburned is an important issue.

What effect can drones have in the fire protection field? The effect is great.

Advantages of drones in forest fire protection

China's use of drone skills in forest fire protection, the advantages are more and more significant, it makes up for the lack of many of China's forest aviation fire manpower at this stage, and through the carrying of different mission loads in the forest area, satellite hot detection, The fire detection and other aspects play a monitoring role. Compared with traditional fire protection methods, fire drones have the following advantages:

(1) Small drones generally have a weight of less than 100 kilograms, and can be manipulated by relying on flying controls. Because it is not restricted by the traffic route, it can make up for the rescue of ammunition, deliver relief materials, and provide reliable information for the command in the condition that the battery life is satisfied. In addition, the drone-equipped equipment can be adjusted according to the needs, such as fulfilling a special mission, and carrying the required equipment in a targeted manner. When performing a number of missions, the equipment will be integrated and the mission can be carried out together.

(2) UAVs take overall pictures of the policy at high altitude, which can “see the bottom of the ground”. Together with broadband and data link skills, it can realize over-the-horizon control. According to the needs of the site, it can be viewed from different viewpoints and different. Intervals work under different lighting conditions to deliver fire information more accurately.

(3) The production cost of the drone itself is cheaper than other rescue equipment (such as fire engines, fire helicopters, etc.). Together with the cancellation of personnel boarding, boarding and other processes, direct operations to reduce the cost of time.

(4) The operation of the drone is simple, and only 1-2 people are required to complete such an operational mission. Following the introduction of relevant regulations, the flying hand that controls the drone should be admitted to the "unmanned driver's license" recognized by law. Together, in the course of fulfilling the mission, do not have a chance to take it seriously.

(5) The operator can remotely or program to fulfill the mission, and can avoid the short board existing in the traditional rescue rescue action, which can ensure the safety of the fire officers and soldiers themselves, improve the safety factor, and reduce the frequency of the second accident.
The function of drones in fire fighting

(1) Forest area patrol, satellite hot investigation

The drone system controls the drone to fly according to the preset route according to the route planning or the ground command, and uses the airborne visible light camera and the infrared thermal imager together to scan, video, and photograph the forest area to be monitored. Inspect the map and get the picture information of the key area in real time and return it to the ground control station.

(2) Fire investigation

The drone carries the mission load in fulfilling the mission of the fire detection and obtaining real-time pictures of the fire damage assessment. It can obtain very specific picture data for the key areas. For suspicious points or areas, the ground personnel can change the flight route and flight of the drone by remote command. Highly detailed. The detailed picture is transmitted back to the ground through the wireless circuit. At the first moment, the fire scene situation information such as the geographical coordinates of the fire field, the area of the fire, and the extension of the fire field are supplied. The UAV is equipped with infrared exploration mission equipment, and infrared exploration is carried out in the over-fire area. The infrared exploration equipment can penetrate the temperature of the smoke sensitive to the surface and obtain the picture of the ground temperature distribution in the fire area, so that the command can know the rescue effect in time. , timely allocation of ground personnel to save the fire area.

Fire disaster relief process

The patrol power of the drone is much higher than that of the traditional manual patrol. It can complete the patrol work that many people need to carry out in a short time. Together, the running cost is extremely low.

1. Quickly locate the fire point. The forest fire is monitored by the infrared and visible light camera on the airborne UAV, and is transmitted to the ground control station in real time by the numerical control telemetry circuit. The fire point and the hot spot are displayed on the digital map of the ground station, and the identification system determines whether it is a fire point, and Accurate fire point positioning is carried out to provide the geographical coordinates of the fire field for the first moment of the ground fire control part.

2. Quickly determine the fire. When the drone flies above the fire, the data such as the generality, area, and extension speed of the fire can be transmitted back to the ground control center in real time to provide reliable information for the ground fire command, so that the rescue command part can be organized and clothed agilely and usefully. The Department rescues the troops, improves the combat power, and avoids the casualties of firefighters.

3. Provide the best evacuation route for the fire brigade. The useful communication of various information not only enables the firefighting troops to agile personnel to carry out the rescue work in the key areas, but also promptly informs the firefighters to evacuate the risk area and provides the firefighters with the best evacuation route based on the fire map data.

4. Artificial precipitation. The UAV system can be used for artificial rain enhancement. It is characterized by its simple application, good maneuverability, easy investment, and no risk of personnel safety. It is therefore particularly suitable for artificial precipitation in forest fire prevention operations. For example, to carry out artificial rainfall on a 100-square-kilometer operating area, the drone needs to carry 10 additional rain flames. Mounted in the middle of the belly and the landing gear by the pylon. In the flight, the ground flame is controlled by the ground remote control. The telemetry information shows whether the flame is lit, and each time the root can be smeared with multiple cigarettes. tube. Recommended reading: Fire drone application

The drone's participation in forest fire protection solved the problem that the ground patrol could not take into account the forest fires in remote areas, as well as the accurate grasp and timely understanding of various dynamic information on the scene of serious forest fires. As a powerful complement to the existing forestry monitoring methods, drones show superiority that other methods cannot match. With the continuous development of drone skills, drones will surely play an important role in forest aviation firefighting operations in the future. The fire rescue category has a broad vision of use.

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