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The era of fire drones is coming

In a house with an area of 100 cubic meters and a height of 45 meters, the fire that was ignited by gasoline and wood, the drone can be completely extinguished in a minute, which means that the high-level fire in the true sense is not The human machine era is here!

High-rise fire rapid rescue solution

With the continuous advancement of socialization, there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city. These high-rise buildings are concentrated in high-end office buildings and commercial areas, making traffic in this area very large, often with traffic jams, and these areas are also the most prone to fires and major casualties.

We know that any fire in the early days is a small fire. If you control the fire at the beginning of the fire, you can avoid many high-rise fires, but the necessary means to control the fire at the beginning is not perfect.

In the early days of high-rise fires, people lacked common sense and necessary tools. From the discovery of the fire to the sudden escape of each other, few people think of putting out a fire, even if they think of it, there is no proper way to save and effective fire-fighting tools. The fire drone provides an effective solution!

High-rise fire extinguishing with fire drone

UAVs are now being used in more and more areas, and the firefighting field is the next area in which it plays an important role. The fire drone can climb to a few hundred meters in a matter of seconds, and the fire extinguishing agent it carries can extinguish a 100 cubic meter fire within 30 seconds. It can effectively control and extinguish the fire in the early stage of the high-rise fire.
The high-rise fire drone can be loaded with 25 kilograms of pharmacy, the flying height can reach 3,000 meters, and the smooth flight time is more than 40 minutes in the 6th grade wind. The house on this picture is a 100 cubic meter iron house with gasoline and wood. The fire was successfully extinguished in 30 seconds, and many actual fire fighting drills were successful, indicating that the era of high-rise fire drones really came!

The drone will become the hero of the new era

The Hangzhou nanny arson case has led countless people to focus on the construction of fire safety facilities in the community. Although the disaster originated from people's evil thoughts, if the property can do more, the fire will not be lost in time. soul. The deceased has passed away, and the living should do more to reduce the harm caused by the fire.
In the future, the large-scale popularization of fire-fighting drones will become the trend of the times. The fire-fighting drones can better adapt to the complex situation of the fire field, and go deep into the fire to find the source of the fire and extinguish the fire from the source. At the same time, the built-in camera can also survey the escape route, guiding an escape route for people trapped in the fire scene to avoid casualties to the greatest extent!






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